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  1. Hi Emily,
    Thank you very much for the post and God’s Spirit in your heart.
    Compassion is very broad! Look at God’s compassion to the Israelites, God saw their grawning, their suffering, and He had compassion on them! They were suffering under Phalaoh’ leadership, no access to medicine, payments, no freedom no, favouring laws, etc.

    Because so many of us suffer under these institutioned laws, we need compassion from one another. You point is our right when you look at personal compassion! Helping and forgiving one another. We all must identify a problem that is looking mmoying all of us to have compassion, this could be we are all poor, all sick or all limited by the bad laws of the land. Say, the western hand of compassion has been cut off by state laws, they say you can’t help any person in the developing world, unless it is a registered charity Organization.
    This evil shunned the church and the body of Christ became less in it’s compassion. The devil then controls our calling from God to help; ne another.

    Thank you for your kind post!

  2. what a beautiful message of mercy…..thanking God for folks like you that inspire other to move in compassion, mercy and love in a world gone awry…..God bless you

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