Blessed Are the Pure in Heart: An impossible goal?

When reading the Beatitudes, the descriptions of those being blessed often seem lofty (I know my focus is not always on righteousness) or unpalatable (whose goal is it to be meek and mourning?). We all know that no one is perfect, so the next statement appears out of our reach.

Jesus said:

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”

What impossibilities! If humans are by nature sinful, why would Jesus even suggest anyone being pure in heart? Not only that, but to his Jewish audience, ever since the Moses set up the Tabernacle, only the High Priest could enter the Presence of God in the Holy of Holies, and that was only once a year.

Something radical had to happen for anyone to see God…and it did. Christ’s coming not only brought the face of God to human level, but paid for our sins in order that we might be pure in God’s sight.

Yet how often do you say you can “see” the glory of God? When are you aware of his presence?

The reality is that there is only so much glory our eyes are capable of perceiving, or our minds are able to comprehend. The ultimate promise of seeing God face-to-face in all his glory may not be immediately fulfilled on this earth.

The more we focus on him, the more of his nature, character, power, and love we will see. And to focus on him, our hearts—our desires, thoughts, emotions, and priorities—must be in the right place. Being pure in the desire to serve God, not for selfish reasons but for his glory, would precede seeing his hand at work in and through us.

Becoming Pure in Heart

Purifying metals requires putting them in the fire, allowing the impurities to come to the  surface, and sloughing them off the top. The process imageis painful, yet results in a brighter metal that better reflects to light of Jesus.

In the same way, those who wish to be pure must not shy away from the heat, but rather trust God’s ability to not only cleanse, but make something beautiful out of a piece of metal that originally had no beauty or value.

So if we want to be refined, shaped, and used, how do we strive toward being pliable?

We must put our focus back on God and trust his skill as a craftsman of the heart. When we draw near to him and he will teach us to listen to his voice and see his hand at work. The more we see him, the more we will desire to draw even closer. And the closer we are, the more we will reflect his light.

Where is your focus in the midst of a busy schedule?

Who directs your daily steps: you or him?

How often do take time to thank and praise him, regardless of the circumstances?

I would challenge you check where your heart is throughout the day, and re-center it to revolve around his purposes. Then you will see God.

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  1. […] as gold is refined in the fire, when we go through difficult times God can use those experiences to shape us, to reveal […]

  2. […] as gold is refined in the fire, when we go through difficult times God can use those experiences to shape us, to reveal […]

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