Have you thought recently about your purpose in life?

We live in an age of consumerism, constantly being bombarded with ways to make our lives “better”: more comfortable, more enjoyable, more exciting. At the same time, there is an underlying  pressure to succeed, to prove our worth, whether through the superficial measures of income and occupation, the social status in number of Facebook friends or followers, or even the moral/spiritual evidence that we are “making a difference” for Christ. But when we try to achieve, even in the name of serving God, we take the focus away from Him.

God didn’t make us to glorify ourselves. He made us to bring glory to His Name.

I am slowly learning more about what it means to live for God’s glory, and along the way encountering the gracious love of God in many ways. In the midst of my own failures I discover how His power is made perfect in our weakness (2nd Cor. 12). How exciting it is to discover His ability to use us when we surrender our lives and our wills back into His hands!! Will you join me in this journey?

Finding Unity in Love

*This blog is based on a recent sermon I gave in Burundi, centered on John 17. I encourage you to read the chapter slowly before reading this blog. John 17 is a unique chapter. It is the only time we get to listen in on an intimate conversation between Jesus and God the Father. The …

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Sickness, Grace, and Healing: 20 Years of Experience

I recently came across some old films from two decades ago. These are not pictures of my family making memories or reminders of my youth. They are images of my brain, MRI films from an era when hard copies were mounted on a lit background for evaluation. 2002 was the first time I got an …

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Spring Always Follows Winter

In much of the northern hemisphere, spring has arrived. The seasonal change is certainly evident here in the Middle East. Last month, when we took a picnic up to a lone tree on a hill, its March branches were still barren. It was that week that we celebrated “Nawruz,” the “new year celebration” that coincided …

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