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  1. I find it’s a rich thing to be able to visualize the story more accurately. I’m glad you’re reading and sharing about this, Emily! Just for curiosity’s sake…how did you stumble on my version of the story?

  2. Very interesting. We had just been discussing this in our SS class at Redemption Hill Church in Whittier, CA. Just sent it to Dr. Bob Crawford, who is now retired but was a professor at Biola University who is teacher of our SS class. Crawfords were actually the ones who suggested that Dean could help us close out our things in Zambia in 2012 when Rich became ill and we could no longer return. Dean eventually did go. We have been in touch with him through the ensuing years.
    You invited us to your wedding and we (I) actually drove out to be there at your wedding from La Mirada, CA.. Thank you for inviting us. Thank you for the insight of the article. God bless you both. Gracie Siemens

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