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The introductory Tree of Life training has now been provided in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and North America! In Nigeria, front line workers dealing with persecution from the Boko Haram participated in the seminar. Our training in Jordan equipped Iraqi refugees now ministering to other Iraqi refugees. In Spain, missionaries participated who support other missionaries in sensitive locations. At each seminar we see people encountering Jesus in the joyful and painful memories, and learning to help others in the same process. One woman from Nigeria stated:

“God has really opened my eyes in so many ways. He has given me so many things, in terms of my personal relationship with Him, and led me to understand that in the time of need of Him, He is always there for me. I’ve come to the understanding of how to relate to people. God has helped me in this area of trauma counseling. God is always there—Immanuel—He will always listen to me and He is always waiting to give me encouragement, always ready to say something to me. It is my prayer that all that I’ve learned here will not just die here, but that God will help me to implement it so that others can benefit from what I’ve been learning.”

We are in the process of developing the advanced training, while living in an RV and being ready to go wherever God directs (by wheel or plane)!

Please pray:

  • For the many who are hurting and in need of help. There over are 2 million internally displaced people in Nigeria, most having experienced trauma. Refugees have poured into Lebanon and Jordan, while Northern Iraq also houses hundreds of thousands in tent-cities.
  • For the future counselors and leaders who have a heart to provide care.
  • For the development and translation of resources that can a blessing to those involved in this ministry.
  • For the upcoming trips, including the finances and logistics.
  • For the current journey in the US, that we would be a testimony of God’s love wherever we go.

If you would like to support this trip, visit Allegro and specify this account: ProjectEquip.CDM

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