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  1. ultimate destination. both are good, but I related more to your personal illustration of physical suffering with the neurological illness. Stories and biography speak to me more. Well done. I miss hiking, and felt like I was out there lost in the forest too!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting, Denise! Your words mean a lot to me. Blessings to you as you keep your eyes fixed on Him!

  2. I can also relate to both, as I feel like there are seasons in ones life where the path is full of those physical struggles, and then there are those times when we are more goal-driven. For myself I struggle with the why’s and for how longs or is this your plan or mine, but as I season, I find myself recovering from those crises more quickly. I am able to lean on my faith, remember to cast my worries upon Him, and be comfortable where I am.

  3. Hi Emily!

    I definitely relate to the unclear path. I resonated when you were speaking about your initial Tree of Life being completed and ready and now being in a place of not knowing what the next steps are for it. I, too, have a calling that God has placed on my heart to help those who are grieving loss and we’ve done several retreats and camps to date, however, the last two years, none. Last time I was up in the mountains where we host it, I went on an early morning walk to a place I had gone for years. When I got there, everything was different. Trees had fallen down and the path was now curved around the fallen trees, rather than a straight line to a circular pad overlooking the mountains. While I sat there, Holy Spirit spoke to me about this new, unfamiliar path, telling me that it’s okay that is is unfamiliar, because I will always be able to find Him on it with me. He is my familiar in any season where things look so different. That was so comforting and reassuring, and I am still waiting on Him to see what the next steps are while I am currently creating a “tent making business” to fund my salary when I return to the grief work.
    Thank you for sharing such profound truths and questions. I believe that if we focus on Him when things are unfamiliar or uncertain. He will be our anchor and our Captain as we wait for direction. God Bless you Emily. Hope to meet you when you and Dean are here next!! I would love to hear more about the training you will be doing in September and if God permits, be a part of it!

  4. Good observations, Emily! I like how you and Dean were able to wisely slow down the pace, taking the time to make sure you were still on course, and connecting with each other in the process. Some of us can stay so busy and distracted, that we miss opportunities to reassess our location and destination, and to make sure we’re following God’s leading. If we can learn to value the slowing, the looking, the noticing, and the listening, then we are more likely to stay tuned-in and synchronized with the Father. Well done!

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