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  1. Emily, this is a wonderful message, beautifully told. I so deeply respect you and admire the glory of God shining through you. More people need to read this and remember grace. Thank you for your vulnerable authenticity and clarity. Love you! Dad

  2. My heart response is what your Dad so wonderfully wrote above! I’ve respected you, prayed for you and loved you since April 2005…far shorter than your Dad!…and am not able to be in your presence nearly as often, but I love hearing your heart! Thank you for listening to the Lord’s nudge, and taking the time, to write this blog. I’m sharing it with Elisabeth as she walks hand in hand with the Lord through a challenging health condition. Love to you and Dean ~ Margaret

  3. Thank you, Emily, for these words of truth from a fellow sojourner. I looked this up after our zoom call, but did not read it till today, when God spoke to me through your words. My brother died two weeks ago, and God knew I would need these words today! Thank you for allowing God to use you, even in the pain and the uncertainty. Know that he is using you, even your words at a distance. I pray blessings over you, my friend.

  4. I am so humbled and encouraged by your story, Emily. Thank you for sharing. I so agree and rejoice – God is often more glorified in our weakness than in our strength. He is glorified in you.
    How are you and Dean? How did flights go that day? Are you getting situated?
    Mrs. Dana

  5. Emily, I was deeply moved by your courageous article about your struggle with chronic illness. My heart goes out to you as you navigate such difficult challenges to your health and spirits. Though I cannot directly relate, I found your words resonated with the universal feelings of fear, sadness, anger, and exhaustion that accompany trials of the body and soul. Most of all, I admired your humility, wisdom and resolve to find meaning, gratitude and grace despite the pain.
    Your commitment to healing – physical, emotional and spiritual – is humbling and inspiring. I wish you comfort, community and continued resilience on this journey. Thank you for offering such an honest, compassionate lens into an experience that many know too well.
    You have a gift for articulating life’s most daunting tests of faith. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you brighter days ahead, my friend.

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