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  1. It has always amazed me that the disciples did not remember Jesus describing his resurrection, but speaks well of how one can be so focused on an expected result that all other possibilities fade. I certainly have had the same experience and have come to understand how much higher God’s thoughts and plans are above my own. I have not thought of the disciples going to the cross to see Jesus delivered from it as Isaac was delivered from sacrifice. I have heard Isaac described as a foreshadow of Christ and as part of their heritage, that must have occurred to them. It was even verbalized to Jesus as he was taunted, to come down off of the cross. And the trauma. Watching one you love so dearly be so horribly tortured and killed must have created the confused thinking and short-term memory loss, the fight, flight or freeze, the disbelief and numbing that is evident in scripture. Even the resurrection was greeted with initial disbelief. Thank you for a different perspective of that dark Saturday.

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